Our Uplighting Packages

Phoenix Uplighting can accommodate all of your

indoor and outdoor uplighting needs

whether your event calls for 2 uplights to more than 20, to lighting up the dance floor; we have a package just for you.

Ultra Mini

Our Ultra Mini package consists of 4 uplights and is ideal for accenting the wall behind a sweetheart table or non wedding event such as corporate presentation stage.

Phoenix Uplighting Mega Mini in Pink

"Everyone shines...given the right lighting." 

 -Susan Cain

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Mini Pink.jpg
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Mini.JPG
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Mini Amber Swee
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Mini Royal Blue
Phoenix Uplighting Ultral Mini Purple Pi
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Mini Yellow

Even airplanes enjoy being in

the "uplight".

Mega Mini

Our Mega Mini package consists of 6 uplights and is typically used to highlight the entire wall behind the wedding party or enhance other venue focal points.

Before: Venue without curtain panel 


Phoenix Uplighting Mega Mini

After: Curtain panel uplighting 

in Amber

Phoenix Uplighting Mega Mini Soft Pink S
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Mini Soft Pink.J

Our uplighting can be programmed to change colors throughout your event.

Ultra Classic

The Ultra Classic package consists of 8 uplights

and is often used to highlight the wall behind the wedding party in addition to extending the lighting to adjacent walls.

Phoenix Uplighting sans monogram & uplig

Venue without uplighting

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Classic Red.JPG
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Classic Pink lighting and Monogram

Venue with Ultra Classic Upighting Package & Custom Monogram

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Classic with Mo

Mega Classic

The Mega Classic package consists of 10 uplights and is optimal for further enhancing your corporate or wedding wall while highlighting venue architectural features such as columns, panels, or curtains.

Phoenix Uplighting Mega Classic
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Mini Hot Pink.JP

Ultra Deluxe

Our Ultra Deluxe package consists of 12 lights that will beautifully highlight all 4 walls of most venues, including any architectural features and Focal Walls.

No uplighting

Before: Venue without Uplighting

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe Blue and
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe Amber

Same venue beautifully lit with two different colors to create custom ambiance.

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe holiday
Before Uplighting

Before: Venue without Uplighting

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe Teal

After:  Teal lighting throughout

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe Royal Bl
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe Teal.JPG
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe.JPG

Mega Deluxe

This is our Ultimate package of 16 lights which will highlight the entire ballroom and ceiling creating a luxurious wash of color throughout the venue.

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe Pink.JPG
Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Deluxe with Mon
Phoenix Uplighting Monogram To the Moon

Venue beautifully lit with our Mega Deluxe

Package and Custom "To The Moon and Back"


Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe package
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe Blue.jpg
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe Red.JPG
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe Red 2.JPG
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe
Before ASU.jpg
ASU Before.jpg

ASU Before Uplighting and Monogram

Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe Royal Blu

ASU After with Uplighting and Monogram

ASU Stage Before

ASU Stage and Room Lighting After

Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe ASU stage lighting
Phoenix Uplighting Mega Deluxe ASU

Dance Floor Lighting

Keep your party rocking with our Dance Floor Lighting Packages!

Our lights can be custom programmed to project colorful elements

on the dance floor. 

Outdoor Lighting

We believe the indoors shouldn't have all the fun. We specialize in lighting up the outdoors too!

Before: Venue without uplighting

Phoenix Uplighting Outdoor Teal & Amber.

After: Teal and Amber Uplighting

Phoenix Uplighting Ultra Classic lighting in fushia
Phoenix Uplighting Cold Spark Sparkler F
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